Mid-April Updates!

Bringing WebRTC to WebKit

Updated MediaStream API Upstreamed

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This blog post is long overdue. As WebRTC Expo is about to begin in Miami, I thought it would be a good time to show the progress done until April 15th. There will be a follow up post soon for the progress made from mid april to mid may.

Adam B. (Ericsson) is hard at work on the underlying PeerConnection Implementation and the new promise-based JS API, while Philippe N. (Igalia) is taking care of the media engine, and Lewis L. and Adam T. (Temasys) are handling the DataChannel API and implementation as of now.

The development has recently been opened and moved to github (https://github.com/WebRTCinWebKit) to let more people contribute back through pull request. There is always some delay between the availability of a feature in the latest code in github, and the code that get pushed in webkit because of the additional work to complete the review process. Usually the review process is also slowed down by the lack of available reviewer, but in our case, reviewers from Igalia and Apple have made this their priority and are helping bringing the patches upstream quickly. Right now, the GStreamer library used by webrtcinwebkit and openWebRTC is quite recent, and updating it in upstream webkit has a big impact. That is the main patch under review.

For everybody interesting in the detail and the code, here are the corresponding bugs.

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